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As well as the "in house" enhancements I offer, I also work with a number of the top firms in Scotland providing larger hire items.

Want something truly unique for your wedding or corporate party? You won't get much better than a silent disco.

The concept is a simple: guests are provided with headphones to wear and can switch between two separate sound sources on them.

I can provide both sound feeds from separate MacBooks or if you fancy having a crack at it, you can hook the transmitter up to your own phone or tablet loaded with your own tunes.

There will be no music in the room but guests get to choose which of the two channels they want to listen to:

You might have one half of the room crunking to 50 Cent whilst the other are raving to some GBX, the older folk doing a slosh whilst the young team bounce around to Mr Brightside - you'll only find out once the fun begins - it's a ridiculous, weird looking and extremely fun to be a part of.

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