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Here's a selection of the most frequent questions I've been asked by clients and those enquiring about my services. Hopefully it will answer any query you may have but if not, please don't hesitate to contact me with your questions.

How much do you cost?

As of early 2024 I have packages starting from £995 depending on what package you would like, how accesible your venue is and the distance involved travelling to and from it.

I understand that this might seem like a lot of money and other DJs will be cheaper. I make no apologies that I will be beaten on price by others but I absolutely will not be beaten on the service, experience, attention to detail and energy I will give you as my client.


What does the price include?

I've tried to put as much detail as possible in the about section of the site. I also e-mail a fully detailed break down of my service to everyone who enquires but to keep it brief - 


My price is inclusive of everything you need for a fantastic wedding with no catches or hidden extras so you provide the electricity and some space to perform and I'll give you and your guests a night to remember.

Why did I get an e-mail saying you're not taking any more bookings?

In order to provide the best possible service for my clients I limit the amount of bookings I take to a maximum set amount per month and year. Unfortunately this means that once these slots are filled, I don't take on more bookings. 

Are you available on my date?

The quickest way to find out is to send an enquiry from my contact page, e-mail me at or call me on 07783 946 030


Are you any good?

My mum, wife and Lola the Party Dog say I'm brilliant!!!

On a serious note and without being big headed, I'm extremely good - not just at picking the right songs for the crowd at the right moment of your night but for also the amount of effort I put into the behind the scenes stuff most people don't even realise goes on. From your first enquiry right through to creating your video, editing your photos and following up to make sure you were 100% satisfied in the days after. I view myself as your employee and work to the utmost of my abilities for you as my employer. I have hundreds of testimonials and almost a decade of being shortlisted, highly commended and winning Scottish Wedding DJ of the year to back this up.

I'm not going to make some baseless nonsense claim about being the best DJ in *insert wherever you like* or that I'll have every single one of your guests (even auld Auntie Mable with the crutches who hasn't danced since the Bay City Rollers called it a day) on the floor all night but I will work with you and your guests and use my professionalism, energy and experience to give everyone an amazing night to remember. 

Have you played at my venue?

I DJ the length and breadth of the country (and abroad too) Literally from Gretna to venues around John O Groats and even across to the Western Isles so there's a good chance I have. I've compiled a list on my venues page but if yours doesn't appear it doesn't mean I haven't performed there. If you're really curious or it's an absolute requirement that your DJ has previously performed in your venue, just get in touch and ask - chances are I have.

Do you perform at same-sex weddings and Civil Partnerships?

As a supporter of LGBTQIA rights I absolutely perform at all types of union, not just traditional weddings. I treat every couple and their big day with the same level of respect and reverence that everyone deserves regardless of their background.

My venue has asked for the DJ to provide certain pieces of paperwork, do you have it?

Many venues will insist on certain certificates being presented before allowing a band or wedding DJ to even set up never mind start playing and I can provide any official documentation that they would require:

- Evidence that my equipment has been PAT tested for safety in the past 12 months by a competent tester

- £10 million worth of Public Liability Insurance to protect you and your guests

- An up to date Enhanced PVG Disclosure check

- A Method Statement explaining how I operate safely throughout an event

- Risk Assessments tailored to individual venues that require them

As well as this I am always happy to sign any reasonable disclaimer or condition of service agreement with venues covering any performance or environmental factors that need to be taken into account whilst performing.


When will you arrive?

Generally 90 minutes before I'm contracted to start (my life is spent watching people eating wedding breakfasts!!!) If the venue is further than an hour from my home on the outskirts of Glasgow then I aim to arrive even earlier to avoid any issues with traffic or diversions. In all the years of doing this I have never once been late for a booking.


How long does it take you to set up?

I can usually be set up, sound checked, changed into my performing clothes and be ready to go in around half an hour to 45 minutes though this can take longer if I'm not given clear access or my performance area isn't ready for me to set up on right away.

Generally I'm set up and raring to go well in advance of the room being turned round by the venue staff and your guests getting back in!


Do you have a contract?

Yes. Booking is confirmed upon the signing of it and payment of the booking fee.


What happens if you cancel?

Touch wood, in all the years of performing I've never once had to cancel a booking but in the unfortunate event that I did have to then there are a few options available to help you out:


-  As well as being a member of a number of associations and large groups where DJs offer assistance for each other in these sorts of cases, I'm also personal friends with many of the finest party and wedding DJs in Scotland so there's very little chance that I'd be caught out without anyone to take over from me.

- Failing that or if you would rather find another DJ on your own you would be given a full refund in conjunction with cancellation of the contract.


What happens if something breaks?

I only use quality gear from reliable brands but things can and do break so I always have backup equipment to cover any eventuality and keep the night going. For first dances I usually have backups running at the same time so if there was ever an issue, you and your guests wouldn't barely even notice it. I also have the highest level of roadside cover available in case of a break down or accident on the road - I'll get myself and gear to the venue and worry about how to get back home once the gig is done.


Do you provide lighting?

Not only do I provide lighting - I carry a range of modern LED light fixtures that are controlled using specialist computer software to create the exact look and vibe you want for your evening.


What extras do you offer?

Lots of them so it's probably better to head over to my enhancements section to see what I can do to make your night stand out as extra special.


Do you offer any discounts?

My prices are very competitive and fair for the level of service I provide but I do offer discounts on occasion to close out my calendar.


How do I book?

Once you've decided I'm the right DJ for you just get in touch on or 07783 946 030 and we'll take it from there.

Securing the booking is a simple 3 part process:

1.  I ask some final details to draft the contract then send an e-mail with a link to the contract

2. You e-sign the contract online and pay the booking fee (details of how to do this are in the e-mail)

3.  Once both have been received I countersign the contract and the booking is confirmed at which point you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with all of the booking and payment details as well as your log on details for the planner app.


Do you have a booking fee and if you do, how much is it?

Like any reputable supplier I require both a booking fee and a contract in order to finalise a booking. Evening package booking fees are £200. Half and full day packages are 20% of the total fee.


How do I pay?

Payment is usually made via BACS transfer online or in branch. Details of how to do this are included within the contract.

If BACS isn't an option there are other methods to pay but it must be discussed in advance and may incur additional fees.

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