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Dynamic Mood Lighting

Purple moodlighting at Archerfield House
Cadbury purple mood lighting at Colessio Stirling
Pink mood lighting at The Cruin
Red / Burgundy mood lighting at Rutherglen Town Hall

Please note that Dynamic Mood Lighting is already included in my Evening Elite, and All Day packages.

Completely transform your venue quickly and cheaply with my state of the art Dynamic Mood Lighting. Most mood lights are set to a single colour and left for the night which looks OK but why settle for OK? 


Using the latest battery (so no messy wires for guests to trip on or power cables for kids to pull out) and Wi-Fi technology my Dynamic Mood Lights take ambient room decor to the next level.

Imagine your wedding:

As you and your guests re-enter the room the walls and architectural features are now bathed in your colour scheme whilst from my booth set up warm spotlight and glitter type effects gracefully move around the room in matching or co-ordinated colours to further enhance the wow factor.

Hand in hand you walk onto the dance floor for the first dance and the room fades into a soft white which looks amazing in your photos - your guests notice the look of the room has changed in seconds, they've never seen that before...

After that it's party time and the lights can be made to interact both with each other and the music to really build up the energy as the night progresses.

Buffet time comes and it's back to your colour scheme for a well-earned rest and bit of food.

Back to the party and:

You two met in Ibiza: How about we make the whole room strobe in time with the dance tracks you've asked me to play or we go for a complete black out as the best man hands out the glow sticks and face paints?

You both love (insert football team X here): The room can be changed to match your team's colours at the press of a button.

You love football team X, he loves football team Y?: No need to fall out, I can do both teams colours and switch between with ease.

You want to wow your guests even more: Not a problem I can run through a range of programmes that will turn the room through all the colours of the rainbow and so much more.

You want a slow tune for the lovers: The room is bathed in a gentle red to tie in with the change of vibe and energy.

You love Prince: BOOM purple, have it. 

You love Bob Marley: I don't know how Ja is hooked up with mood lighting but Scotland's Party DJ will provide - red, yellow and green to keep everything irie.

You love Simply Red: BOOM: Red and no, I won't even judge you.

You love Breakfast at Tiffany's: BOOM: Tiffany blue, good shout on the tune btw.

You love Spandau Ballet: BOOM: Gold (see what I did there?), I'll judge you a little.

You love Coldplay: BOOM: Yellow

You realise it's the end of the night: It's the last dance and the room is once again beautifully decked out in your colour scheme as your friends and family join you on the dance floor for your big send off.

These are just some examples of what can be done from behind my decks at the press of a button. Of course you might decide that you'd like to keep your colour scheme for the whole night but with Wi-Fi and Dynamic Mood Lighting - you don't have to...

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