Out with the old, in with the new(ish)

Bit late to the party but Happy New Year everyone. It's once again time for my obligatory "I promise to actually make regular blog posts" declaration - don't hold me to it though.

It's all been a bit manic, then quiet then manic again since the start of COVID. It's be absolutely amazing to be back and for once I have a quiet January which I'm loving.

There's been lots of changes to the way we do things in the world, one of which being the site builder I use totally revamping itself from the ground up.

The long and short of this is that some things, whilst they might look the same, have had to be completely rejigged. This (I'm promised) will make viewing the site slicker, quicker and more mobile friendly.

It's literally taken me months tinkering away to get it doing what I want it to do but the end is in sight - the couple and past events pages are sorted and I'm slowly but surely making progress on the venue pages.

One downside is that pre-COVID couples photos haven't linked over. They're not 'gone', they're just not displaying because of technical reasons way beyond my understanding. Don't worry if you like having a little nosey back at them, they're all safe on my server so if you do find yourself wondering where they've gone, please just shoot me and e-mail and I'll be able to get them sent over to you.

Another minor change I've made is to the videos - I've created a flashy new intro and changed the music. I hope you like both of them.

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