Scottish Wedding Awards 2019 - Thank You

It feels quite surreal this morning (the hangover probably isn't helping) to sit here and type that I won 'Best DJ' at the Scottish Wedding Awards last night. I 100% didn't expect it and I'm moved by the fact that people nominated me and the panel seen enough in me to give me the award.

I'm genuinely humbled and considering I cut about gigs in a bright blue tartan suit, that takes some doing...

In true thespian fashion I hadn't prepped a speech so I mumbled a bit about my fellow finalists - particularly Craig Hunter @ Southside DJs, Stevie Bennett @ LMJ Entertainments and Gary Nicoll @ Fife Wedding DJ - all guys who I count as good friends as well as colleagues and fellow professionals but the one thing I did know I had to do if I won was thank my wife.

My beautiful Jill is the one who is left home alone when I'm travelling the country doing gigs, has to make personal plans around my calendar and even had to make do with a honeymoon destination neither of us were overly enthused about due to my gigs that July - in short, she has to deal with all of the rubbish side-effects of me doing what I do and I'm forever grateful to her for that.

I also need to make mention of the couples who have nominated me. A lot of DJs and other suppliers poopoo these awards as some sort of sham or that you 'buy' them. I can't comment on anyone else but both times I've been nominated have been purely off the back of my previous couples.

Last years 'Highly Commended' award and last night's win are the result of those nominations and me sending in some evidence to support why someone would vote for me as the best wedding DJ in the country. There's no trickery, no smoke and mirrors, no scam - just hard work and graft from myself and gratitude from my lovely couples and again I'm grateful for that too.

I'm forever telling people that what I do isn't rocket science, it's not even that difficult to do it well. However it does take effort, pride and being mindful of the fact that I'm playing a small part in the most important day of two people's lives.

A musician friend when recently talking about the award nod jested "It can't take much to play We Are Family on repeat." and in a lot of ways he's right - the actual music and performance part of what I do is straightforward. In fact it's almost insignificant to the bigger picture which is providing an exceptional level of service, attention to detail and most importantly, care, to the couples who book me and that I assume is why enough couples nominated me and the panel deemed me worthy of the award.

And that feels great.


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