Scottish Wedding Awards

Well today is the day - the 2018 Scottish Wedding Awards are being held tonight and it's an absolute honour to be attending and nominated for Best Wedding DJ.

When the phone call came through to say I'd made the shortlist my initial reaction was to tell the person on the line to "do one" and hang up as I didn't have anything to do with the awards and hadn't touted for them - I thought it was some scam to buy advertising.

A quick redial from the organisers (and an apology from myself) and it was explained that I'd been nominated independently. I'm going to be honest, that really made me proud. I do the utmost for my couples but to have a number of them take the time to nominate me for an award meant a lot. I'm blessed to be able to do what I do and it's nice to have the hard work, dedication and commitment to my brides and grooms be honoured in such a way, I only wish I knew who nominated me so I could thank them all personally.

Another nominee, my good friend Craig Hunter shadowed me on a gig recently (despite guys like us being actual competition for each other in the industry, we all help each other out, share ideas and so on - something you definitely do not see at the bottom of the market where DJs are constantly bashing and cutting each other's throats...) and I mentioned to him that the majority of feedback I get from my clients mentions the level of service and attention to detail way before they get on to the music and dancing. Indeed (if you'll allow me to blow my trumpet a little) Friday's couple said I was by far their best / favourite supplier because I'd gone over and above what they'd expected throughout the process. That makes them the 3rd in a row to say I was their best and this is for one very simple reason as I explained to Craig: I treat each and every client exactly how I would expect to be treated if I was booking a supplier. This goes doubly so after my own wedding last year where I experienced the process myself:

I don't want to wait 24 hours for a reply to an important e-mail when everyone can access the internet or send a text 24/7 these days.

I don't want any weird surprises or dodgy service.

I do want my suppliers to be so on the ball that they have suggestions and solutions to things I'd never even thought about.

I do want to be 100% confident in the supplier.

And most importantly - I do want the supplier to actually care about me and my big day.

That's how I approach each and every one of my wedding couples and why, win or lose tonight, I'll continue to bend over backwards for my clients to give them the service and entertainment that they deserve.


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