A wedding at Sloans in Glasgow

Sloan's is a Glasgow institution and quite rightly so. Many claim that it's the oldest pub in Glasgow, something which isn't technically true, but of our aged drinking dens, it's definitely the nicest and most welcoming.

It's always a pleasure to play in here as it's, as tradition dictates, where I took my now wife for a celebratory drink after buying her engagement ring in the Argyle Arcade.

I'm not sure if James and Carolyn did the same thing but they definitely threw tradition out of the window when they decided to host a surprise wedding!

With the ceremony already having taken place in the afternoon; James, Carolyn and their small group of wedding guests hid in the Parlour as guests arrived for what they'd been told was actually a surprise engagement party which was being organised by their mothers!

I don't really do nerves at gigs but with a fairly sizeable list of instructions and steps which included the big reveal, cake cutting, name changing, first dance and several formal dances, it's the most nervous I've been at a gig in years.

Having spent half an hour internally repeating: "OON'T SAY WEDDING, DON'T SAY WEDDING DON'T SAY WEDDING!" It was time to introduce the friends who would be revealing the surprise.

"Gentlemen and ladies, it's a pleasure to be joining you here for James and Carolyn's engagement!!!" Big cheer from the crowd, I've not mucked it up and I finally get to relax. I pass the mic over to Brian and Julie so they can introduce....

The NEW Mr AND Mrs Kerr! They had pro photo and videos being taken so I kept my camera away but the reaction and look on people's faces when they came in with Carolyn in her stunning white dress and James looking great in his kilt.

Lots and lots and lots of congratulatory hugs before signing the Deed-Poll documents, cutting the cake and getting into the first dance (and you know it's a good one when the bar staff are asking what it was.

I'll never grumble when the 2nd song of the night is from my man Bruce Springsteen as the bridal party danced together. This was followed by Carolyn dancing with her dad to The Beatles as he's a massive fan - it turned out it was also his 60th birthday so yeah, quite the day. Not many guys do but I always think it's beautiful when the groom chooses to dance with their mum and up stepped James' to waltz along to Sweet Baby James (a beautiful song for a beautiful moment) and then it was time to party.

Everything got played from Billy Ocean to the Vengaboys and Oasis to Bits n Pieces and I honestly think Carolyn spent the most time on the dance floor of any of my brides!

Sloan's Friday night ceilidh is legendary but it must be a lot quieter than this night as there were so many friends and family gathered, we just about squeezed (literally) a Gay Gordons in before deciding sticking to floor fillers is probably the safest choice, as well as the one least likely to ruin Carolyn's beautiful dress!

Even though things began relatively early, the night flew past and before I knew it I was doing the false ending of Loch Lomond. James and Carolyn had one last surprise for their guests and as Run Rig crescendoed at the end, I dropped their final surprise of the evening - Y.M.C.A.!

An ending like that might not go down well with the traditionalists but it was such a fun and funky end to a really unique wedding and one that totally suited the vibe Carolyn and James, sorry, the new Mr and Mrs Kerr created with their surprise nuptials.




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