What a year that was!

Well I wrapped up my last gig at the Rangers Jingle Bell Rock Ball at Ibrox Stadium on Saturday so it's time for my obligatory look back at the year - not that any of you are really bothered.

I say it every year, and one day I'll surely run out of luck but this has been my best year yet both for the amount of bookings and where I've been able to progress the business.

The new website launched officially in January 2016 followed closely by my new admin and client app systems which ultimately make the booking and planning of your music much easier and user friendly.

I've tweaked things here and there and now with launching my ask.the.dj service where your guests can make a request via their phone browser directly to my main laptop has really captivated people.

Gear wise I upgraded so I now run my sound and lights off of two MacBook pros running simultaneously at the same time - its the first Apple kit I've owned since my first ever ipod in like 2003 or thereabouts but I'm a convert - the sound quality and performance is second to none for DJing and running lighting software.

As well as that I introduced my Ultra HD wireless wi-fi moodlighting (try and say that fast six times after a few Christmas sherries!) which have proved immensely popular and starting at just £100 extra to upgrade your Simply Evening package to the Evening Elite which includes the moodlights - it's not hard to see why. The best part is that as more clients take advantage of how flexible they are - the programmes, colour options and effects that can be created will only increase.

I suppose streamlining has been the theme of the year: slicker correspondence and access for clients as well as less time spent setting gear up, wiring up mood lights or dealing with admin means that I'm now even more able to provide a private and bespoke service tailored to each and everyone of my clients and as someone who is getting married just over 3 months from the date of writing this (!) I appreciate it more than ever when you have a supplier who goes that extra mile and feels more like a friend than a business.

Thank you to everyone who has played a part in making 2016 such a successful year for me as Scotland's Party DJ and thanks for all of the wonderful words of support and kindness. The testimonial page is chock full of feedback partly as it's good for marketing to potential brides and grooms but it's also a great reminder of how lucky I am to be able to do what I do and how I can play a small part in people's perfect wedding days.

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.


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