The Last Dance - You take the high road, I'll take the 2nd turn on the left...

Following a positive response to my alternative first dance blog, I thought it would be worthwhile approach the last or "final dance" in the same manner.

This is in many ways similar to the first dance - the two main options are to go with something tried and tested Loch Lomond / 500 Miles / Auld Lang Syne / Caledonia type end or to really finish the night in a unique way.

Again, I'm not going to say specifically what I'm going to do for the big finale at my wedding as a number of my guests will read this and I want to keep it a surprise but as someone who has to hear Run Rig singing Loch Lomond more often than any sane person should, it won't be that. I don't hate it btw and 99% of the time it's the perfect way to end on a high note but going on previous years, I'll play it over 30 times the year I get married - I'm giving it the night off for my wedding)

So that leaves my fiancé and I, as well as anyone else who really doesn't want that as their last tune with a blank canvas to finish the night our way, on our terms.

Again there's a few schools of thought and approaches you can take to make your ending the best it can possibly be.

One way is to have a false ending - by that I mean you get your DJ or band to get everyone onto the floor by making out that this will be the big finale - whether it's Loch Lomond, 500 Miles or whatever. Everyone goes nuts during the tune, big cheer at the end aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnd BANG you're real last tune kicks in, everyone goes "WOOOOOO ANOTHER TUNE!!!!!" and they're already up on the floor ready to give it the big one. I love when my couples ask me to do this as the look on people's faces is priceless when they realise the party isn't quite over yet.

If that's not your thing you can always get your DJ to put together a bespoke mix of some of you and your new hubby / brides "tunes". One of my favourite endings was a few years ago they did a false end then a 15 minute mash-up of all the rock tunes the couple liked - ACDC, My Chemical Romance, Kiss, The Offspring, Blink, Limp Bizkit even made an appearance at one point. If time had allowed I could have mixed and mashed up probably for another hour and they'd have still kept lapping it up. The thing I like about this is that it's kind of like the false end but on steroids - it's like "woooooooo I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS TUNE!!!" (there's lot's of wooing at my gigs by the way....) 15 seconds later "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I LIKE THIS ONE EVEN BETTER!!!!" 15 seconds later: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGGGGHHHHHH THIS IS MY JAM!!!!!!!!"

It has the added benefit of allowing you to cram in as many of your tunes as possible that maybe wouldn't have had the same impact earlier in the night. A good friend of mine who is also a DJ was exhibiting at a wedding fayre and someone came up to him and started raving about how good he was. After a while my pal realised he hadn't actually done the wedding in question to which the couple responded: "Are you not Jim Moore? You did an amazing mix at the end of the night...."

So that's option 2.

The last one is as straight forward as - have a big touchy feely huggy sing song. It's 5 to 12, the wine has been flowing and Don't Look Back In Anger, Mr Brightside or something like that comes on that everyone knows and will sing along to... bliss if that's your sort of thing.

So there's just a few thoughts and opinions on what I think is a good way to approach alternative last dance songs. Whatever you do decide to have, I'm sure it'll be great.


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