God is not a DJ - and your DJ isn't a God (but he should know his stuff)

Recently I’ve had a few interesting discussions with clients whose big day is looming on the horizon. One is really worried about the music flowing together: “We’ve both got really different tastes in music, what do you think Jim?” and the other one has possibly experienced one too many Phoenix Nights type DJs: “We don’t want…. *insert fairly long list of uber naff tunes, culminating in the Birdie Song.*”

The upshot of it was the former clients’ tastes weren’t majorly out of sync with the kind of things people will dance to – there were plenty of floor fillers in there alongside their own little touches that you maybe won’t hear at every wedding and the latter client soon realised that a. I’m very much their employee and want to work with them to get the music they have their heart set on and b. I wouldn’t be seen dead playing that sort of stuff at a gig.

The music is a HUGE part of the big day (indeed apart from the venue the only other thing I’ve got in place for my wedding (which is a brief 9 and a bit months away at the time of typing) is the DJ so it is something people agonise over and are desperate to get right.

Pitch it properly and you’re golden, everyone raves about the tunes and the dance floor gets a good stomping, get it wrong and your big day could end with a fizzle instead of a bang. This is where your DJ should step in if you're worried.

I say it time and time again to clients and those considering booking:

You’re not booking my fancy gear – anyone can buy that...

You’re not booking my music library – I’m sure you’ve got one of your own with nothing but the stuff you like…

You’re booking me and my expertise as a wedding DJ – I’m there to work alongside you and make sure that you get to put your stamp on your days music and also make sure that I use my experience to work with your ideas whilst keeping people up and dancing.

Part of that expertise is knowing when to play the right song at the right time on the night but a massive part of that is the service beforehand where I’m able to give guidance (if wanted) on how to give your night the best chance of being a blinder. Any decent wedding DJ will be able to do the same.

Just as a dress shop will give you tips on the right kind of dress for your body shape and the travel agent will float destinations to match what you want in a honeymoon, your DJ should be prepared to work with you to make sure you get to put your own stamp on the tunes, that your guests have a great time and that you don’t spend the last minutes up to the big day worrying about whether the music is going to cut it or not.

You'll know your guests better than I do but my years of experience have put me in good stead to know what is likely and what isn’t likely to work when push comes to shove.

That’s not to say I’m a “k let’s get the Abba on” type of wedding DJ by numbers – I pride myself on my ability to stray from the usual mix of wedding tunes: if music files gathered dust my Rock DJ and Time Warp would need a power cleaner to get to them… - but I can give my insight and opinions and hopefully take another little bit of stress away from your planning.

So if you are agonising over your music choices – Your DJ isn’t a God but give yours a phone or e-mail and use that experience and expertise that you're paying for to your advantage.


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