Corona virus update

I will use this page to provide updates on any impact Corona Virus has on my service or the feasibility of performing at your wedding or event.

I'm happy to report that the majority of couples have been able to reschedule without any issue.

To save on the amount of e-mailing you have to do, you can go here and check my availablity if your venue has closed or asked you to reschedule.

I have created some social stories to help those of you who have a child or know someone with a child on the ASD Spectrum. You can see them here.

Dear all,

     Let me start by saying that I along with every other supplier you have booked are committed to minimising any disruption COVID-19 may have on your big day.

      The current situation is evolving very quickly and new measures may be implemented by the Governments in Westminster, Holyrood, at local authority level or by your venue but as far as possible, until you've received concrete instructions that it's not possible to continue with things as planned, please try to remain calm. 

    On a personal level I am continuing to run the business as is except that all scheduled and unscheduled meetings will now be held over phone or via Skype for the foreseeable future.


As always if you've any questions or issues, please don't hesitate to contact me and I'll respond as soon as possible.

Below are further details on possible circumstances though be aware these may change as the situation unfolds:

Contingency planning

In the event that I fall ill or have to self-isolate:


- I will inform you as soon as possible that I am unwell / isolating and may not be able to fulfil my duties for you.

- I am a member of a small group of highly experienced, professional wedding DJs who are currently banding together to support and cover the bookings of anyone unable to do so through COVID. A replacement would be sought from the group, your booking information (including contract, planner input, meeting notes etc...) would be passed over to the new DJ and they would perform in my place. I would cover any additional cost if their fees were higher than mine.

- If this was not a suitable solution for you, you would receive a full refund from me, our contract would be cancelled by mutual consent and you would be free to find another DJ of your choosing. See T's and C's below

Movement of dates

In the event that you choose to cancel or reschedule and your original date falls out with the current Government restrictions period:

- Please inform me as soon as possible.


- In order to maintain the flexibility required to assist all of my couples, I cannot hold or "pencil in" an alternative date without a new booking being properly confirmed. This requires the signing of a new contract and payment of a new booking fee (which would be forfeit if the potential new date did not go ahead) separate from your original booking.

- Unless your booking is wholly unable to go ahead due to the Government restrictions (see information below), changes to the original booking will be regarded as a cancellation on your behalf under the t's and c's of our contract (see below). Please note that my packages, equipment and service provided are the same for anything up to 200 guests so this includes situations where I am legally allowed to perform even if there are reduced numbers of guests.

- Under these circumstances, the change will result in a completely new booking. Confirmation of a rescheduled booking requires the signing of a new contract and payment of a new booking fee.

- If there are material changes to the booking (e.g. venue, timings, package etc...) then I will work with you as much as possible to accommodate this but there may be an increase in the fee depending on the changes.

In the event your wedding can't go ahead on the original date due to Government guidance prohibiting my performance

- Please contact me as soon as you are aware that guidance prohibiting music performances will extend to the date of your wedding.

- I will provide any information and paperwork required for you to claim through your insurers.

- If I'm still available on your new date and there's no material change to the booking terms (e.g. venue, timings, package etc...) I will gladly move the booking to your new date providing its within a 12 month period of your original date. This timeframe may be altered depending on the scale of rescheduling which needs to take place. As my fees increase yearly, bookings on new dates may be subject to additional fees if they fall within a new calendar year. 

- If there are material changes to the booking (e.g. venue, timings, package etc...) then I will work with you as much as possible to accommodate this but there may be an increase in the fee depending on the changes.

- In order to maintain cashflow for the business I am requesting that 50% of your final balance is paid by the original due date (28 days prior to original wedding date)

- In the unfortunate event that I am not available on your new date you will be offered a refund and I can recommend some great wedding specialist DJs who may be free. Please note this only relates to movement of dates due to government restrictions on music performances, not requests to change by your venue or any other circumstance. 

RE: CMA Guidelines: Please note that any costs incurred by me during the period of your booking (e.g. drafting of contracts or other relevant admin tasks, communication, planning and preparation undertaken etc...) will be deducted from said refund in this instance.

The relevant T's and C's within our contract:

DEFINITIONS                    Contract - This document along with any endorsed attachments, amendments or revisions.
I, Me, My, The DJ - The performer and person issuing this contract, JAMES MOORE, and any representatives.
                                               You, Your - The person(s) or organisation(s) name at (1) above.
                                               Venue - The same place listed at (2) above.
                                               Schedule - The date(s) and timing(s) listed at (3) above.
Extras - Any additional products, items or services provided by the DJ listed at (4) above.
                                               Fee - The amount detailed at (5) above.
                                               Booking fee - The non refundable  amount detailed at (6) above.
                                               Remaining Balance - The amount detailed at (7) above.
                                               Parties - Me and You 
1) Once signed by YOU this CONTRACT represents a formal and legally binding agreement under Scottish law between ME and YOU.

3) The CONTRACT may be cancelled by either of the PARTIES at any time. If YOU cancel, this CONTRACT will remain in force until cancellation is confirmed in writing by ME. If YOU do not receive written confirmation of cancelation from ME within 7 days of your request to cancel, it is YOUR responsibility to further pursue the matter as the initial request to cancel may not have reached ME. The effective date of cancellation shall be the date of receipt of the cancellation notice. The following conditions shall apply to the cancellation of this CONTRACT.
a) If YOU cancel the CONTRACT at any time, or for any reason, any BOOKING FEE and / or payment towards the BALANCE paid shall be retained my ME. If I go on to rebook the same date YOU will be reimbursed for all monies paid towards YOUR booking. It is YOUR responsibility to pursue this reimbursement.
b) If I cancel this CONTRACT at any time, or for any reason, any BOOKING FEE and/or payment towards the BALANCE made by YOU shall be refunded by ME to YOU within 28 days of the date of notification of any such cancellation.
c) The PARTIES mutually agree to provide as much notice as possible of their intent to cancel this CONTRACT.
4) Every reasonable endeavour should be made by the PARTIES to honour the terms of this CONTRACT, however the PARTIES agree that from time to time, circumstances may dictate that fulfilling any, some or all parts of this CONTRACT may not be possible.
Neither of the PARTIES may attempt to enforce any part of this CONTRACT where such enforcement would be:
                       a) Prohibited by local, national or international law.
                       b) Hazardous to persons or property (including transportation and equipment)
c) Contrary to the rules, regulations or expectations, formal, implied or otherwise, of the VENUE.

Hopefully this explains things and allays any fears or worries you may have but if you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail or contact me on 07783 946 030

Thank you and stay safe